Approved Contractor Score

Approved Contractor Score

Security Industry Authority (SIA)
Approved Contractor Scheme


Being an Approved Contractor means that you are part of a scheme which is a universally recognised hallmark of quality for suppliers of private security services. The scheme was introduced to raise the standard of security companies and will put you ahead of your competitors.

What is ACS and why is it important?


The Approved Contractor Scheme raises performance in the industry and develops new opportunities. It is also used to measure progress and compare against other SIA approved contractors.


It is a gauge for the overall quality of a contractor and can be used as part of the assessment for purchasers of private security services.


At Sight & Sound we are committed to providing a quality, efficient & effective security service and continually measure our development with the scheme that is why we are proud of our latest SIA Approved Contractor Status audit score which places the Company within the top 1% of medium sized approved contractors and the top 5% of all approved contractors within the UK.


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