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Sight & Sound Security - Dog Services

Dog Services

Dog Services

Organisations today face a huge number of significant security concerns, ranging from terrorist attacks and theft, to illegal intrusions and vandalism.

Security dog patrols offer many advantages. A dog’s sense of smell is up to one million times better than man’s, and its agility, strength and hearing are highly proficient.

When all these qualities are harnessed efficiently, and reinforced by high standards of dog training, competence and management procedures, they provide one of the most effective forms of security within the industry.

We supply excellent dog patrol teams to guard sites and buildings. Our experienced teams have the confidence and expertise to deal with any situation that may arise on patrol, and can search and cover large areas and detect possible intruders.

In addition, Sight & Sound Security also provide dog teams that specialise in the detection of firearms, explosives and drugs. These teams can include proactive search dogs, which are able to work in all types of environments, to passive search dogs, capable of searching for items hidden on people.

Remote Monitoring | Sight & Sound Security

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

At Sight & Sound Security we combine our strengths in manned guarding and response services with electronic monitoring services offering a significantly enhanced service to our customers.

CCTV cameras are strategically placed around your premises to give you protection from unwanted visitors. Anyone attempting to access your site will trigger an alarm and the system will activate the appropriate cameras to relay the video images. If the images show any sign of trouble, trained operators act with audio warnings to any intruders and alert the police within seconds.

It’s a powerful weapon against crime that can protect premises from theft, trespass and vandalism, including: construction sites, schools, offices and factories.

Every camera security system is tested at least four times a day to ensure the highest level of security is maintained. Sight & Sound Security can respond to incidents on site incorporating the service with our mobile response service.

Environmental Awareness | Sight & Sound Security

Environmental Awareness

Environmental Awareness

Sight & Sound Security is committed to being a dependably environmentally friendly organisation. Accredited to the ISO14001 Environmental Management standard Sight & Sound Security demonstrates its commitment to the environment.

Our Company’s primary environmental objective is that it makes a pro-active and positive impact on the environment which we all live and work in and is recognised as an environmentally conscious and responsible organisation.

Our policy is to develop, implement, maintain and improve our environmental management system. The business adopts corporate Good Practice Procedures to ensure the most environmentally sympathetic means to support its service delivery.

The Company SMART Environmental Objectives for 2020 are:

  • To maintain regulatory compliance
  • Continually develop and implement our Environmental Policy
  • Comply with all relevant environmental, safety and health legislation and Regulation
  • To reduce CO2 emissions by 5% year-on-year (in proportion to the annual total vehicle fleet mileage
  • To reduce paper usage by 2% year-on-year (in proportion to the number of Head Office and Regional Office staff employed)
  • To reduce printer toner usage by 2% year-on-year (in proportion to the number of Head Office and Regional Office staff employed)
  • To reduce the number of assignments that are using paper incident reports and log books by 5% year-on-year
  • To maintain electricity energy usage to the average usage over the previous three years (in proportion to the number of Head Office and Regional Office staff employed)
  • To raise employee awareness of environmental issues throughout the Company with additional articles to be placed in the Company Newsletter
  • To review Environmental Training that is provided to all staff
  • The Company is presently creating a Switch Off Campaign which will be delivered to all staff during 2020 this is in addition to the standard Environmental Training that all staff receive.