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Don’t Take People At Face Value


If a thief has enough “front” they’ll be able to fool the average receptionist and get into a building—well trained Security staff shouldn’t be tricked so easily though.

ThiefHere’s a classic example that has occurred several times recently in the City of London: A smart and important looking businessman has come on a number of occasions into the reception area between 5-6pm, just when lots of staff are going home. He has an ID badge on a chain around his neck and he waves it vaguely at the reception staff as he walks confidently past.

Once inside he has stolen laptops and other valuables. The thief knows what a powerful weapon confidence and appearance are. He is also looking for soft targets—sites without electronic access systems and where Security staff seem less vigilant. He then strikes when Security is at its weakest—when there’s lots of other activity to distract receptionists.

In contrast, our Managing Director, Paul Purchase, reports how good access procedures can pay off, as for the example below,

“One of our concierge Officers was approached by a workman in overalls carrying a tool box. He said there was a gas leak along the road and it might be necessary to evacuate the building—and asked if he could take some readings at the back of the premises. The Officer on duty said he would help, but first he needed to see his ID. The ‘gas official’ made his excuses and left, saying he’s left his ID in his van. He never returned and there were no reports of any gas leaks.”

4ST Training – Completion

4ST Training – Completion

4ST Online Training

Five of our officers have completed five of our online modules since last Quarter. We would like to congratulate:

  • Ejaz Ahmed
  • Jogendra Thapa
  • Paulo Rodriguez
  • Gary Postance
  • Ahmed Mohamed

and we have awarded them with a 4ST Certificate accredited by Skills for Security.

Redbridge College Team of the Year

Redbridge College Team of the Year

Redbridge College received the Security Team of the Year award 2014.


Redbridge College Team of the Year

Redbridge College Team of the Year

The Team received this award for their hard work at Redbridge College at the Chadwell Heath and Ilford Campuses for consistently meeting and exceeding expectations and enduring the safety of staff and students.
Miss Ondine Spicer, the Estates Manager at Redbridge College said:

“Sight and Sound have been a fantastic company to work with and have responded to any request we have made in a very timely manner. Every member of the company be it management, administration or the guards themselves are all very professional. We have a great solid team of guards here and Sight and Sound have ensured they have hired guards to suit the College’s needs.”