Induction Training




LB Merton“It has been a pleasure using Sight & Sound Security under the guidance of your excellent Client Manager. Effective communication, the willingness to listen and the degree of flexibility that has been displayed has made the transformation from an in- house to an outsourced service far less problematic than we envisioned”.

“We feared that with the Borough’s complex requirements, communication might suffer when moving away from in-house provision. In fact, the opposite has been the case, it is reassuring to know that a reliable quality service is accessible by a phone call or email, rendering business disruptions such as staff absence or additional unexpected security needs a thing of the past.”

“Out sourcing our security requirements has provided the Authority with a sizable saving”


KEW“We have a long and well-established relationship with Sight & Sound and recently the contract has been extended into its 6th year”.

“One of the main reasons for selecting them as a partner is that they understand what Kew are trying to achieve in the provision of services and have always taken the time to listen to our philosophy on service delivery. The team are always keen to work with us in providing solutions to the many and varied issues that arise in the management of our site”.

“As a company they are people focused and provide a wide range of training initiatives to our Officers and this in turn ensures that they retain good staff and therefore the quality of service provision is high”.