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Key Holding & Alarm Response

Key Holding & Alarm Response

Sight and Sound Security provide efficient and secure key holding and alarm response services.

Are you aware that as a property key holder, you must be able to attend your premises within a 20-minute period and resolve any alarm issues? If you fail to do this on more than three occasions, the police will withdraw their response from your premises, and your alarm. As designated key holders, we assume this responsibility on your behalf.

In the event of alarm activations, we attend to your premises in your absence and deal with all alarm issues, taking the steps required to re-secure your premises in the event of a break-in or criminal damage.

We also liaise with the Police to provide you with a report for your insurance company and keep you up-to-date at all times. Due to our dedication to high levels of customer service we can only offer our services within a strict radius of our offices to comply with ACPO Guidelines.

All response vehicles are fitted with tracking devices which allows real time monitoring and reporting 24 hours a day.

Mobile Patrols

Mobile Patrols

Sight and Sound Security provide excellent Mobile Patrols. Mobile Patrols in sign written vehicles are a cost-effective and visible deterrent when full-time security is not practical. Each patrol contract is tailored to your requirements, from external patrols at random times to complete internal patrols, but always with the aim of creating the most visible deterrent to any would-be troublemakers or opportunists and ensuring peace of mind that all is secure.

The patrols also perform a variety of additional duties for the benefit of the client providing a tailored service. These may include liaising with cleaning companies, maintenance staff or other contractors to allow and supervise site access for essential out of hour’s workers.

Providing an Unlock and Lock-Up solution, we open and close your offices, warehouses and car parks at agreed times 7 days per week delivering a secure and efficient service.

All patrol vehicles are fitted with tracking devices which allows real time monitoring and reporting 24 hours a day.

Shopping Centres & Retail | Sight & Sound Security

Shopping Centres & Retail

Shopping Centres & Retail

Sight & Sound Security provide complete shopping centre and retail security ensuring the safety of people and property whilst also creating a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for the large numbers of genuine visitors each day. We recognise that today’s security staff are required to be so much more than just security guards. In this way we train our officers to meet the complex demands of the modern retail environment, requiring them to be professional customer service assistants as well as security officers.

In addition to being licensed security professionals and personnel are trained in shopping centre security which focuses on the importance of customer service. On going training is continually provided with officers and staff being regularly tested maintaining our high standards and providing clients with value for money.

But it is not only good customer care that retail security and shopping centres need. It is the whole retail experience. This is why Sight & Sound Security looks at the outside of the shopping centre too, and creates strong partnerships with the local police and business organisations. We recognise that partnerships are stronger than working alone.