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News/4ST On-Line Training

8th Sep 2021

Our 4ST On-Line Training portal has been re-approved by Skills for Security and we are now an Accredited Provider.

We created 4ST after seeing a clear gap in the Security Industry.

A Security Officer can obtain a Licence after only five days of training. The licence is renewable every three years with no additional training requirement unless there are amendments to the legislation. Therefore, Officers may receive no further training in security, or related skills for many years.

Security Officers’ duties are many and varied and the security aspect of their jobs may form only a small part of their everyday duties. Other duties often include customer service, facility and tenant management, administration, health & safety, manual handling and mental health wellbeing, to name only a few.

Our 4ST online portal provides nearly 50 training modules with tests and KPIs which ensure our Security Officers remain well trained to perform to a high standard, providing vastly improved customer service.